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Geka Lances


The Geka Lances are a professional quality watering device manufactured from Aluminium.The lance features a quick click adapter for easy attachment to a hose with a female quick click connector that is compatible with other brands of irrigation equipment.This watering lance is designed to withstand the effects of everyday use. It is manufactured by Geka and therefore carries the Geka reputation of being a good quality, reliable and sturdy.

Multi-pattern spray lances provide you with a simple way to water those hard to reach parts of your garden. No more stretching to the back of those borders or greenhouse staging, and no more steps required for hanging baskets. The multiple water patterns enable you to water your garden in the most appropriate fashion by mimicking soft rain or providing more directional sprays.

Geka Lances  Roses & Nozzles

There are wide choice of Roses and Nozzles to suit any application

Geka Sofrain Metal Lance are available in

19mm Aluminium lance
Outlet: Threaded 3/4″ Male

Available in

 Geka Sofrain Plastic Lance are available in 
19mm Aluminium lance60cms LongOutlet: Threaded 3/4″ MaleFor a complete Irrigation Systems, extensions to your own system or just spare parts all under one roof.

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