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Naan Fogger

Naan Fogger


Naan Fogger

For optimal cooling or humidifying of greenhouses use the Naan Fogger

  • Reduces greenhouse temperature
  • Increases greenhouse humidity
  • Provides perfect conditions for plant propagation
  • Fogger on T assembly used for pesticide application

Naan Fogger Main Features

  • Extra fine droplet size (55 microns @ 4.0 bar)
  • Range of flow rates for different precipitation rates
  • High water distribution uniformity and coverage
  • Chemical resistant raw materials
  • PE and PVC connections
  • Easy installation and service
  • Filtration requirements: 130 microns (120 mesh)
  • LPD (Leakage Prevention Device) for simultaneous startup and shut-down of the system
  • High pressure LPD and Medium pressure LPD are available


From propagation controllers to micro sprinklers, foggers, misting systems, drip irrigation, spot spitter stakes for pots and baskets, we provide you with all the parts and information necessary to install the system. The traditional, or standard sprinkler layout, commonly used for irrigating a large open area, when applied to greenhouses or to nurseries, leaves many areas either overly wet or dry around the edges. Advances in specialized irrigation products, and computer modelling for greenhouses and nurseries, have contributed to the ability to create an optimized micro-sprinkler, fogger and drip system layout specifically designed for your needs.

For a complete Irrigation Systems, extensions to your own system or just spare parts all under one roof.

We stock all garden pop-up sprinklers, rotor sprinklers and spray sprinklers, irrigation pipe, porous pipe often known as leaky pipe, tap timers, controllers, manifolds, solenoids, barbed fittings, drip irrigation, micro fittings, border sprays, hanging basket drippers, rain train and oscillating sprinklers.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Ltd” can offer you all irrigation products on a supply only or fully installed. If you require advice on what to do with what, solutions and advice are always available.


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