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Saba S3 Glue

PVC compounds are a fundamental part of your installation, so   it is good to know you can rely on SABA’s many years of experience. Thanks to the way we have developed, we are able to offer a specialised range of adhesives and cleaners for agricultural and industrial applications. These user-friendly PVC adhesives, for both hard and soft PVC, guarantee you excellent bonding and efficiency in processing in your specific application in agriculture, industry, or the construction of swimming pools!

Why you can be sure of perfect adhesion

  • certified quality
  • long open and working times
  • high chemical resistance
  • efficient processing
  • clear application specifications



Sab S3 Glue PVC adhesives are well known in the agricultural sector. For decades, SABA products have been used for bonding PVC pipes in sprinkler irrigation installations. Skills dating back generations form the foundation of the quality and ease of use of the current range of SABA adhesives. Miles and miles of pipes in a greenhouse covering several hectares is nothing unusual, but of course our PVC adhesives are also highly suitable for smaller-scale projects


Method of Use

Clean the collar and pipe with Saba PVC & ABS Cleaner.  The adhesive should be applied with a brush.  Apply Saba S3 to the pipe and collar and mate the substrates immediatley.  When applying the adhesive to the pipe brush strokes should go up and down the length, and when applying to the collar they should go round the cylinder.  You should use a higher volume of adhesive on the pipe and a smaller amount on the cylinder.

Remove superfluous adhesive immediately.


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