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From propagation controllers to micro sprinklers, foggers, misting systems, drip irrigation, spot spitter stakes for pots and baskets, we provide you with all the parts and information necessary to install the system. The traditional, or standard sprinkler layout, commonly used for irrigating a large open area, when applied to greenhouses or to nurseries, leaves many areas either overly wet or dry around the edges. Advances in specialized irrigation products, and computer modelling for greenhouses and nurseries, have contributed to the ability to create an optimized micro-sprinkler, fogger and drip system layout specifically designed for your needs.

Building and growing your own plants inside a greenhouse can be a supremely satisfying experience – bordering on a type of religious fervour – that a few of us have been fortunate enough to have had. There are some key elements to keep in mind if you desire a truly grand time in your garden including greenhouse watering systems.

Naandan Sprinklers

Planning the type of system you require takes a little planning, but for the most part your guidelines are simply figuring out what your plants need and what you need in terms of efficiency.

Greenhouse watering systems come in many different forms, shapes & sizes. One of the first things to consider when designing greenhouse watering systems is the demand that you will need with regard to the type of garden you are watering. Also remember that some plants will require more water and some less. With some watering systems you will be able to automate the required watering that each plant will need, so one of the first things you need to do is calculate your need. This step is probably the most important when it comes to an automatic type irrigation system.

As previously mentioned, the design of an optimal greenhouse watering system requires a holistic approach. You will need to look at the type of soil inside your greenhouse, the amount of water your plants require, the drainage and ventilation, (to control moisture and humidity). Any system that is providing too much moisture, in partnership with the heat, can create an environment that is perfect for disease. This will require that you monitor your soil especially after you first install your system and adjust accordingly.

When it comes to spray heads, there are a lot of options here as well. I like to use heads that lightly spray your plants and drip systems as well. If you have a multiple variety of fruits or vegetables, then you are going to want to separate the system utilizing solenoid valves like you would find on any landscaping type of sprinkler system. Once installed, the low-voltage electrical lines can be run to a control box that you can program to achieve the results you require.

When installing automatic greenhouse watering systems, I prefer to hang my piping from the ceiling. This allows me greater access to plants and keeps me from having to negotiate additional obstacles on the floor of the greenhouse.

While these greenhouse watering systems provide a more automated system many people find it more practical to water their plants by hand. If this is the case, I would still recommend bringing your supply into the greenhouse or just outside the greenhouse doors.

As you can see, there are a variety of techniques and styles of greenhouse watering systems that can please just about any gardener. Customizing the system you need will help you become a more efficient gardener. Sometimes using a combination of differing greenhouse watering systems can be an excellent and optimal choice. Whatever you decide, setting up the right system is just another way to make things more convenient and practical for you.

The most important element in the Greenhouse is that precisely the correct amount of water that is required at all stages of your plants’ development. Which makes the choice of options unlimited. Interchangeable Sprinkler and Mister nozzles enable you to progressively increase the droplet size as plants mature. The distribution pattern and flow rates can be readily adjusted to produce optimum conditions for propagation.

Mister upside down Sprinklers are suspended above plants to reduce the greenhouse temperature as well as provide essential nourishment to your crop.

Upside Down Micro Sprinkler

Designed to provide controlled overhead sprinkling to plants in Greenhouses and Polytunnels, these versatile units can be progressively upgraded in terms of droplet size and flow rate as the plants mature.

They are fed via 16mm i/d (13.6mm Ø) Polypipe. A radius of 4m is normal. The unit consists of a Leakage Prevention Device and an Upside Down Sprinkler head. The head can be interchanged with a range of Nozzles.

For irrigation in greenhouses, gardens and nurseries. Produces very fine drops and enables excellent water distribution. Diameter coverage in metres 2.0 – 4.4

Upside Down Rotor in Greenhouse
Nann Mist Spray Head


  • Reduces greenhouse temperature.
  • Increases greenhouse humidity.
  • Fine droplets (average 90 microns).
  • Provides perfect conditions for plant propagation.
  • Leakage Prevention Device for simultaneous start-up and shut-down of the system.
Greenhouse Fogger
Naan Fogger

Above Right – Fogger for optimal cooling or humidifying of greenhouses

Dripper Fittings

Compensating Non-Leakage Dripper Sets

Pressure-compensating, on-line dripper.

Continuously self-cleaning point source drippers with internal anti siphon and anti-drainage system.

Greenhouse Dripper

These are available in : 2.0, 4.0 and 8.5 l/h.

Also with a wide range of CNL Accessories.

CNL Accessories
CNL Accessories

Alternatively you can use Button Drippers, Elgo Drippers and Woodpecker Drippers all with:

  • Fixed output dripper
  • Connects directly to LDPE pipe
  • Operating pressure 1.5 bar
  • Flow rate 1-2-4 or 8 lph

Requires 4 mm distribution tube to outlet point.

Xeri Bug
Woodpecker Dripper

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