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Irrigation Controllers

These are used to control your Irrigation systems automatically via a battery or mains timer from a single tap timer or up to 48 stations controller dependant on the garden requirements. The tap timers are battery operated timers. The others require mains power either form a transformer or direct dependant on which type of controller you choose. There are also controllers which will work on 9v Battery power if mains power is not available.

A Typical Range of Multi Zone Controllers from 2 Zones up to 24 Zones

A Battery Powered Controller Expandable up to 12 Zones

Forget following that winding trail to find an accessible outlet. The new XC Hybrid Controller brings you the power without the plug. With all the great water management features of the XC Controller, the new XC Hybrid operates DC latching solenoids with battery power. Ready for outdoor or indoor installation, the XC Hybrid comes in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 station models, meaning it is your solution for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. Small residential areas, parks, gardens, are ready for the XC Hybrid. Presenting Hunter. Unplugged.

A typical Multi Zone Controller from 8 Zones up to 42 Zones

  1. I-Core’s unique Diagnostic Dashboard™ provides the user with a quick and comprehensive status of the entire system and sensors in real time, the only controller in its class to offer this degree of monitoring.
  2. Boasting a bold, backlit graphic display, the I-Core is easy to read meaning it is just as easy to program.
  3. Why change a good thing? The I-Core is new, but the programming is not. So you’ll be familiar with the process when first setting up the controller.
  4. Fitted with a factory-installed SmartPort®, the controller is remote-control ready and compatible with all of Hunter’s sensors, including the HFS Flow Sensor, Rain-Clik™, Wind-Clik® and the innovative Solar Sync.

Rain Bird SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor

The Rain Bird SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor turns any controller into a smart controller. Designed to give precise measurements of soil moisture levels and relay information back to the controller automatically suspending irrigation programs if moisture levels are above the threshold.


  • Monitors soil moisture levels every 10 minutes, using an advanced TDT Digital Sensor
  • Accurate volumetric moisture readings as well as soil temperatures and electrical conductivity
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Easy to install
  • Water saving of up to 40%

Rain Sensor

The Rain Sensor is indispensable in all automatic irrigation systems for residential use, as it is designed to monitor rainfall levels and automatically override the controller to prevent unnecessary irrigation cycles.


  • Work with all 24VAC output controllers.
  • Does not change irrigation programs, but automatically interrupts watering cycle when rainfall.
  • Exceeds pre-selected level.
  • Automatic return to normal watering.
  • Easy to install with adjustable mounting base.
  • No power required.

Wireless Rain Sensor

  • Hassle-free, wire-free easy installation – Simple to add on to a new or existing installation.
  • Hunter’s unique Quick Response feature – No need for water to accumulate for shutoff.
  • Rugged Construction – Heavy-duty polycarbonate housing and metal extension arm.
  • Set a maximum dry-out period – Adjust the irrigation re-start to account for varying amounts of rain.
  • Operates up to 300′ from the receiver unit – Typical wired system limitations vanish.
  • Maintenance-free patented sensing mechanism – No call backs – just set it and forget it.
  • Built-in bypass switch on receiver panel – Adds flexibility to the system.
  • Retrofit with ease – Installs on any system in minutes, no stringing of wiring

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