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Woodpecker Dripper

Drippers are the heart of any drip irrigation system. The drippers will deliver the precise amount of water required to the plant’s root zone. They are inexpensive, easy to install, reliable and accurate. They may be inserted directly into 16mm poly tubing or extended with 4mm micro tube. Drippers incorporate three different characteristics: pressure compensating, vortex flow and turbulent flow drippers. One of the highlights of many gardens are the hanging baskets and pot tubs.

With such vibrant colour and creative style around today it is important to keep them well watered.

There are numerous products we recommend the spiked drippers as they are fully adjustable to cater for any size plant.



Woodpecker Dripper

High quality, economical drippers.

The individual pressure-compensating CNL and PC Junior drippers are installed using a hole punch. This permits you to place drippers with the spacing you require. They are particularly well-suited for use with containers.

  • Can be placed precisely as desired by the grower to meet crop’s requirements.
  • Additional drippers can be added for greater density to increase the water quantity applied as required from the plants increased growth.
  • Designed for orchard, greenhouse, nurseries and landscaping irrigation.
  • Available in various outputs from 1-8lts per hour.


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