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Water Tanks


Water Tanks

Water tanks are ideal for irrigation water storage. A large number of sizes and shapes are available (all in different colours) and come with a conditional guarantee. The Tanks require a firm level base. A bylaw kit should be fitted to all tanks that are supplied via a ball valve from mains water.

Main Features include: High impact strength at low temps, standard 1″ BSP female connector outlet, 2″ fill point with cap, easily reached filling point, lightweight and easy to handle, BBA approved, ultraviolet stabilised, corrosion resistant, maintenance free, full ventilation

All our non-potable tanks are made from a high density polymer (HDP) and are UV stabilised to stand up to the elements. All our water tanks come supplied with a strong vented lid structure. The exclusive use of polyethylene eliminates rust problems and significantly reduces costs.

The water tanks are used to hold water for your larger Irrigation projects. The tanks have a 2 BSP Male connector outlet. Easy to handle, BBA approved, ultraviolet stabilised, corrosion resistant.

Tanks are rotationally moulded in one piece to provide a seamless unit that is environmentally sensitive and cost effective.

The most common set up is a submersible pump positioned on the bottom of the tank. It is necessary to drill a hole in the top front section of the tank and a tank connector is used to join the irrigation pipe work to the pump hose inside the tank. A high pressure ball valve can also be fitted alongside for filling the tank. This type of set up is very discreet and no pump house or shelter is required.


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