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Rewatec Neo Flat Underground Water Tank

Rewatec Neo Flat Underground Water Tank

The Rewatec F-Line Tanks range of underground water storage tanks are ideal for installations with restricted access to large excavators and other plant machinery. Designed to be flat and easy for installation the F-Line tanks only require a small of the usual excavation required for an underground tank (up to 60%).

Typical installation depths will be 1m to 1.5m, only requiring smaller excavators and plant machinery, or even by hand. Also the design and manufacture of the tank means that you do not require a concrete back fill as with most underground tank installations, please see installation instructions for details.

Pre-Installed with 110mm inlets and outlets/overflow ready to ‘knock out’ for easy and fast installation, a 600mm access hatch and pump basin.

  1. Tanks are not supplied with a turret or cover.

Easy to Install

Ideal for additional installation

The Rewatec F-Line Tanks are flat with an the installation depth 60% less and the excavation pit is up to 70% smaller in comparison to customary rainwater tanks. This means little earth excavation, easy handling and less costs for you!

The small excavation pit is easily filled in and your garden just looks like before. With this the F-LINE tank is an ideal addition for rainwater harvesting to your existing property.

Rewatec F-Line Tanks – The benefits

  • Easy and quick to install, low installation costs
  • Small excavation pit and little earth excavation preserves your garden
  • Ideal for additional installation on existing properties
  • Car drivable
  • Can be installed in ground water up to tank shoulder
  • 25 years warranty


Rewatec F-Line Tanks  Sizes

3000lts L:2400 x W:2400 x H:650

5000lts L:2960 x W:2200 x H:880

with or without Filter

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