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Naandan Sprinklers

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Naandan MicroSprinklers Modular Range

Micro sprinklers and sprayers throw the water over a wider area, when low volume overhead irrigation is desired and for areas where drippers are not practical, such as ground cover, trees, flowerbeds and hillsides. They operate at low pressure and have a wide range of flow rates (5 to 50 GPH) and diameters (3 to 30′). Micro sprinklers have small droplets and a low flow application rate. Micro-sprinklers can prevent plant stress by maintaining low water tension in the soil, using a low flow application rate. New developments have made many more brands and spray patterns available.

Micro sprinklers, sprayers and jets are available in a variety of styles and configurations and like drip emitters they operate at a low-pressure range of 10 to 35 PSI. Micro sprinklers, sprayers and jets are rated by flow rate, wetting diameter (full circle or part circle) and distribution uniformity.

Application rates now vary widely, from 0.05 inches/hour up to 6 inches/hour. Because there is a direct relation between application rate and irrigation duration, there can also be a range in the duration to complete an irrigation cycle. For example, 8 minutes is required to apply 0.4 inch of water on the wetted area with an application rate of 3 inches/hour, while 8 hours is needed to apply the same amount at a rate of 0.05 inch/hour. This range of rates is readily available with micro-sprinklers today.

Features and Specifications:

Complete range of Naandan Micro-Sprinklers and micro-jets.

Unlimited combinations of flow rates and wetting patterns for – Irrigation in orchards, vegetables and gardens. – Irrigation in greenhouses and shade houses. – Cooling of poultry and livestock.

Wide range of wetted diameters and flow rates.

Full and part-circle patterns.

Small, medium or large droplets produced by different sprayers, swivels.

Optional anti-mist device for higher distribution uniformity.

Recommended pressure: 1.5 to 3.0 kg/cm² (21.33 to 42.66 psi).

Flow rate: 25 to 400 lph.

Wetted diameters: 1 to 10 m.

Minimum filtration requirement – 100 micron.


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