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Hunter Mini-Clik

The Simplest Way to Automatically Stop Irrigation During Rainfall

Irrigating a landscape during a rainstorm not only results in over saturated plants and turf, it also wastes water. Hunter Mini-Clik rain sensor provides the simplest, most effective way to prevent sprinklers from running during or after any level of rainfall. It easily installs on any automatic irrigation system. The  Hunter Mini-Clik stops scheduled irrigation when it detects a pre-set level of rain has fallen. This automatic process ensures landscapes aren’t watered during a storm. Once the storm passes, the Hunter Mini-Clik allows the controller to resume normal irrigation. Hunter Mini-Clik is compatible with all Hunter controllers, and once plugged in, it ensures that a system doesn’t water during the rain.

Hunter Mini-Clik Features

  • Easily installs on any automatic irrigation system
  • Debris tolerant for reliable operation and no unnecessary shutdowns
  • Can be set to shut system off from 1⁄8″ to 1″ of rainfall
  • Includes 25′ of 20 AWG sheathed, two-conductor, UL-approved wire.
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • Optional user-installed metal gutter mount for Mini-Clik® (order SGM)


Hunter Mini-Clik Specifications

Switch rating: 24 VAC, 5 A

  • Wiring: 20 AWG, UL listed, typically interrupts the common ground wire between the solenoid valves and controller

There’s nothing more embarrassing–or more wasteful or costly–than an irrigation system that runs when it doesn’t have to…in the rain. Hunter Mini Clik provides the simplest, most effective way to prevent sprinklers from coming on during or after precipitation. It easily installs on any automatic irrigation system, then shuts sprinklers off in a storm and keeps them off, automatically compensating for the amount of rainfall that occurred. Disks absorb water and expand proportionally to the amount of rain that fell (e.g., a small cloudburst would result in little absorption, a 150 mm thunderstorm would lead to more absorption and expansion). As the moisture laden disks expand, they eventually activate a switch that interrupts the circuit from the controller to the valves. Once dry, they contract and release the switch. Thus, Mini- Clik automatically resets without ever affecting your controller. There’s no better way to ensure that a system isn’t watering when it isn’t necessary

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