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Lowara Genyo

The Lowara Genyo electronic controller commands the starting and stopping of a single phase electric water  pumps whenever a tap or valve is openend or closed, respectively.

When the pump is started, it keeps running as long as any connected tap remains open supplying the network with the required flow at the related pressure.

A fully automatic pressurisation device incorporating an electronic pressure and flow switch with dry run protection. Replaces the need for pressure switch, vessel, dry run protection and non return valve. The unit can be fitted to any pump with a min outlet pressure of 2.2 Bar and up to a maximum of 10 Bar. Max flow rate is 10 m³/h. The unit will turn on the power to run the pump the moment there is a flow demand. The unit requires a 230 volt single phase electric supply . 1″ BSPM bottom inlet and 1″ BSPM top outlet.

Lowara Genyo 1″ Pressure Controller Adj 1.5-2.5 : Adjustable pressure from 1.5bar to 2.5bar

Lowara Genyo 1″ Pressure Controller 1.2 :  Fixed Start pressure of 1.2bar

Lowara Genyo 1″ Pressure Controller 2.2 :  Fixed Start pressure of 2.2bar


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