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Only one major irrigation brand is totally dedicated to the professional. That brand is Irritrol. Everything we design and manufacture goes to you. The pros. The ones who make their living installing and selling what we make. Which means we don’t sell to big box stores or hardware centers. Since 1967, we’ve dedicated everything we do to just the pros. You’re the ones who built our company. You’re the ones who’ll keep building our company. And in our book, loyalty is a very big thing.


Irritrol has set the industry standard for reliable performance and innovation in valves for over 40 years. The company that brought the first PVC Valves, Jar-Top Valves, and Glass-filled Nylon Valves to irrigation, Irritrol continues to raise its standards to produce premier products that are durable and cost-effective and on which you can depend.


Irritrol Controllers have been the contractor’s choice for reliability and ease-of-use for years. Leading the industry with over 40 models from which to choose and new control products continually being introduced, such as the revolutionary all-new PC Control which works with the homeowner’s personal computer, Irritrol provides an edge over the competition.

Spray Heads

Irritrol combines affordability with heavy-duty construction, reliability and advanced product features to create a line of Sprayheads that are not only easy-to-install and use, but will save you valuable time and money. Creators of the industry’s easiest adjustment feature, the exclusive “Smart Grip” head design which requires no tools to adjust, Irritrol® develops products with the contractor in mind and stands behind those products.


Distinguished by their durability, reliability and ease of adjustment, Irritrol Rotors are designed to satisfy the full spectrum of irrigation needs of contractors. Irritrol® Rotors’ variable and adjustable coverage capabilities also reduce inventory requirements for the contractor, which in turn benefits the bottom line.


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