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Hunter Wind Clik

Hunter Wind Clik

Hunter Wind Clik

Control Irrigation System Information during High Wind Conditions

Look at any sprinkler’s performance chart and you’ll see that the data was gathered from tests conducted under zero wind conditions. Of course, in the real world, not every day is a calm one. And, while most sprinklers can still perform close to peak efficiency with some type of breeze, when air movement starts to get stronger, water coverage can become challenging. It can even become a liability issue when windblown sprinklers soak pedestrian paths or roadways. The Wind Clik saves water and enhances system efficiency by shutting off irrigation during high wind conditions. Once conditions have improved, Wind Clik resets the system, and resumes irrigation.

The Wind Clik offers the most cost-effective solution to such situations as it shuts off irrigation systems during periods of high wind (shut down points are adjustable), then automatically resets the system when conditions are more favourable. With Hunter Wind Clik you’ll save water, worry, and money as your system will only be operating at the times when you can be sure that the water intended for your landscape will reach its destination. For effective wind control, you’ll be blown away by Wind-Clik…instead of simply seeing your water blown away by the wind.


Switch rating: 24 VAC, 5 A maximum

Wind speed adjustment:

•Actuation speed: 12 to 35 mph

•Reset speed: 8 to 24 mph

Mounts: Slip fits over 2″ PVC pipe or attaches to 1/2 ” conduit with adapter (supplied with unit)

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