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Hunter ACC2


Hunter ACC2 Decoder Controller

Hunter’s next-generation ACC2 Decoder controller provides powerful irrigation management and monitoring capabilities for complex commercial projects.

The Hunter ACC2 Decoder controller is specifically designed to manage Hunter ICD decoders on large projects, and is expandable to 225 stations.
The controller offers extreme flexibility, with 32 independent programs, 10 start times, and a variety of overlapping, stacking, and
management configurations. The powerful Flow Manager takes full advantage of sophisticated irrigation designs, watering as
much as possible in the shortest possible amount of time — up to 30 simultaneous solenoids (20 per output module)

The all-new design features a full-color, backlit LCD display in a reversible facepack that operates all functions in either position, making
field service a breeze. Finally, advanced features such as Flow Monitoring deliver fast diagnostics of abnormal flow conditions and accurate
histories for up to six flow zones. For the ultimate reliability in large-scale commercial irrigation management, the ACC2 Decoder controller is second to none.

Features and Benefits
• Number of stations: 75 to 225
• Type: modular decoder
• Enclosure: outdoor metal, stainless steel,plastic pedestal
• Full-color, high-resolution backlit display (reversible)
• Independent programs: 32
• Start times per program: 10
• Station run times: 15 seconds to 12 hours
• Optional Block programming for up to 64 groups of up to eight stations
• Up to 30 simultaneous solenoids (20 per output module)
• Optional Wi-Fi interface
• Real-time flow monitoring (up to six flow meters and flow zones)
• Up to six Pump/Master Valve outputs, Normally Open or Normally Closed
• Flow Management (runs flow zones to specified capacity)
• Monthly flow budgeting
• Built-in Solar Sync® logic/Solar Sync Delay feature
• SD card updates and log storage
• 12 selectable languages

Advanced Features
• Operates all Hunter ICD decoders
• Three two-wire paths per output module Up to 10,000′ (3 km) on 14 AWG (2 mm2) wire
Up to 15,000′ (4.5 km) on 12 AWG (3.3 mm2) wire
• Replaceable automotive fuses included in each output module
• P/MV and flow sensor assignments either locally or via two-wire path
• Decoder inventory and update via two-wire path
• Decoder/solenoid finder
• Wire Test Mode for field diagnostics
• ICD-HP wireless programmer compatible
• Conditional Response programming allows program or station activation on sensor input

Electrical Specifications
• Transformer input: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Max AC current draw: 120 VAC, 2 A/230 VAC, 1 A
• Transformer output: 24 VAC, ~3 A
• P/MV outputs (24 VAC): up to six; three dedicated outputs (0.8 mA) or optional assignment to decoders
• Simultaneous solenoid operation: up to 30 (20 per output module)
• Sensor inputs: three Clik, one Solar Sync, and six flow sensor

• CE, UL, c-UL, RCM, FCC
• Enclosure ratings:
Steel, IP44
Plastic pedestal, IP24

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