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Hunter Quick Coupler

Hunter Quick Coupler

Ultra Sturdy Red Brass and Stainless Steel Construction Add Value to Any Project

Hunter Quick Valves are innovative, high-value products designed specifically for projects that require quick water access while maintaining in-ground durability and vandal resistance. Our HQs are engineered to endure many years of daily use and designed for maximum reliability. With heavy-duty red brass and stainless steel construction, all HQs feature our TuffTop™ spring-loaded locking or non-locking covers. The unique WingThing™ models feature anti-rotation stabilizers for added vandal-resistance and operational durability. One-piece and two-piece models are available. The two-piece body design allows field maintenance of the valve’s upper seal without depressurizing the irrigation system. All locking cover models have a purple cover option making them suitable for use on reclaimed water projects. All models are configured for retrocompatibility with the popular brands installed over the years. HQ–the Hunter-tough quick-coupler product line.



  • 100% Interchangeable with Rain Bird®, Toro®, and Buckner®
  • Red brass and stainless steel construction
  • TuffTop™ thermoplastic locking and non-locking covers
  • Optional WingThing™ stabilization and acme key connection
  • Stainless steel lug on 1″ and 1-1/4″ keys
  • Spring-loaded covers with stainless steel springs for positive closing and protection of valve’s sealing components




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