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Hunter G800

Hunter G875

Hunter G875

The Ultimate TTS Solution for mid-range golf applications

Hunter G875 Series rotors are reliable and efficient mid-range performers that provide unsurpassed distribution with a wide range of flow and radius capabilities. They are availabe in an array of TTS and DIH configurations. Patented TTS technology allows for every serviceable element of the rotor to be accessed through the top. Mechanical and electrical, big and small, you can get to every component without disturbing the playing surface. That means there’s no more digging, and no more unsightly scars. Contrary to competitors, all Hunter golf rotors are manufactured in the United States of America.

Hunter G875 Features

  • Adjustable arc water lubricated gear-drive
  • 50 to 360 degree adjustable arc range
  • Arc adjustable anytime; un-installed, installed or while in operation
  • QuickSet-360 adjustable arc and non-reversing full-circle in one rotor
  • Quick check arc mechanism makes arc adjust fast and easy
  • Exclusive PressurePort™ technology delivers uniform and consistent coverage
  • Closed-case design helps prevent sticking riser and leaking seals
  • Flexible performance with 9 nozzles to choose from



  • Discharge rate: 50.7lts/min to 122.3lts/min
  • Radius: 17.4mts to 21.6mts
  • Pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI (3.4bar to 6.9bar)
  • Pressure rating: 150 PSI


TTS G800 Series Advanced Features

Hunter’s revolutionary TTS (Total Top Servicing) design offers exclusive and unique features and benefits that are designed with serviceability and innovation in mind. Click HERE to see all the TTS Advanced Features and why a Hunter Golf system is the right choice for your course.

Exclusive DIH Capability

Factory configured Decoder-In-Head (DIH) rotors are available for all 800 Series and 900 Series valve-in-head TTS rotors. All DIH rotors include Hunter’s patented Total Top Programming technology.  Whether on the workbench or after installation, the decoder station can be programmed without rotor dis-assembly.


With Hunter’s quick check arc mechanism and patented QuickSet-360 non-reversing full-circle feature in a variable arc rotor, adjustments are fast, easy and more flexible than ever before. Available on 35 Series and 75 Series rotors.

Large and Flexible Yardage Marker Options

Standard durable recessed area for placard markers

Optional raised marker for popular engraved and paint-filled markers.

G800 Series color-coded nozzles

All G870, G875 and G880 rotors have color-coded nozzles for easy identification and, the nozzle numbers approximate the flow in gallons per minute.


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