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Dab Divertron

DAB Divertron X1200 – Submersible Water Pump

Submersible pumps are installed completely underwater, including the motor. The pump consists of an electric motor and pump combined in a single unit. Typically the pump will be shaped like a long cylinder so that it can fit down inside of a well casing. Although most submersible pumps are designed to be installed in a well, many can also be laid on their side on the bottom of a lake or stream. Another common installation method for lakes and rivers is to mount the submersible pump underwater to the side of a pier pile (post). Submersible pumps don’t need to be primed since they are already under water. They also tend to be more efficient because they only push the water, they don’t need to suck water into them. Most submersible pumps must be installed in a special sleeve if they are not installed in a well, and sometimes they need a sleeve even when installed in a well. The sleeve forces water coming into the pump to flow over the surface of the pump motor to keep the motor cool. Without the sleeve the pump will burn up.

Dab Divertron Description:

A high power pressure-sensitive pump, with high flow, suitable for submersing deeply.The Dab Divertron is a reliable and highly efficient clean water pump in a compact vertical body style. The high-quality, Italian made Divertron is a multistage pump with automatic pressure sensitive operation – the intelligent controller switches the pump on and off upon demand.Ideal for all submerged clean water uses, it’s great for use in rain water systems, irrigation, sprinkler systems, ponds, wells and other applications that require high pressure and flow.

 Dab DivertronApplications:

  • Threaded inlet and outlet
  • Submersible to 10 metre depth
  • With 15 metre power cord and UK plug
  • Max Flow – 95 l/min
  • Max Head – 48 m
  • Thermal Protection
  • Advanced Dry-run Protection
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Advanced Dry Run Protection

The divertron features advanced dry run protection which turns it off after 40 seconds if there is no water available. It will try again after an hour; and again after 4 hours then every 24 hours.

Thermal Overload Protection

The Divertron’s motor is protected by a thermal overload protector which shuts the pump down to stop damage from overheating.

Standard Connections

The pump has 1″ BSP threaded connections, an outlet at the top, and a side inlet at the bottom.

Floating Intakes

We strongly recommend the use of a floating intake, using the floating intake ensures only the cleanest water is pumped, stopping debris and prolonging the life of the pump.


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