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Claber Aquadue Duplo

The Aquadue Duplo Water Timer from Claber uses a dual bistable solenoid valve to allow programmed watering for either one or two lines, so you can run two different watering cycles from the same timer.

Water is a precious commodity, especially in the light of modern demands. Timed irrigation offers an intelligent way to minimize water consumption and help conserve the valuable and natural resource. Like with all Claber water timers, the 8410 Claber Aquadue Duplo operates on one 9-volt battery, comes fitted with a washable stainless-steel filter, and is 100-percent quality-control checked and tested. The ultra-convenient water timer provides both easy-to-read display settings and user-friendly programming for daily or weekly operation.

Claber Aquadue Duplo Sophisticated Technology & Durably Built

Claber 8410

Cover lifts off for easy battery replacement.

The unique Italian-made 8410 Claber Aquadue Duplo timer allows for two operational lines with complete independent programming from one hose bib with up to three starts per day, per line. With only three programming buttons and an easy-to-read digital screen, one or both lines can be programmed for customized watering cycles from as little as 1 minute up to 23 hours, 7 days in advance. Weekly and/or manual programs may also be stored into the timer.

The unit’s patented circuitry comes completely sealed and watertight to prevent damage to electronic parts, while its built-in stainless-steel filter traps harmful contaminants that could clog or damage the valves. Due to its ABS plastic housing, the unit should be removed and stored indoors if the temperature falls below freezing. The timer functions with an operating pressure as low as 7.3 psi up to 145 psi.

Claber Aquadue Duplo is Battery Operated

A 9-volt alkaline battery (not included) is required for operation. To install/replace a battery, simply press the two side buttons on the front panel to remove the cover, then take out the old and insert a new 9-volt alkaline battery into the terminal. With the new battery in place, the battery power-level indicator on the LCD display should appear as: BATTERY full. Claber recommends replacing the battery at the beginning of the watering season.


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