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VDL Plastic Fittings

VDL Plastic Fittings


VDL Plastic Fittings

Van de Lande BV (VDL) specialises in the manufacture of PVC-U and PE pressure fittings and valves for plastic  piping systems, both made from tube and injection moulded. Our products are used all over the world in industrial and technical installations. What sets VDL apart is its impressive range of types and sizes, and its continuous commitment to product improvement and enhancement. As a result, VDL has been the brand of choice for builders of systems and installations for over 50 years.

PVC-U is a Polyvinychloride without plasticizers that is suitable for applications including highly divergent.

VDL Plastic Fittings offer offers tube fittings and tubing connectors in sizes ranging from 10mm up 160mm in over 100 separate configurations. Available fitting styles include straight tube connectors, elbow fittings, tee fittings, crosses, connectors, multi-port connectors, and multiple straight, elbow and tee reducer combinations.

• Chemical plants Chemical installations

• Drinking water Drinking water applications applications

• Beverage and food industry Beverage and food industry

• Sanitary and Sanitary engineering pool and pool technique

• Irrigation systems Irrigation systems
The main advantages of PVC-U.

• Excellent chemical resistance Excellent chemical resistance

• Corrosion-resistant Corrosion resistant

• Easy installation Easy installation

• Durable Durable • Maintenance-free Maintenance free
Pressure and temperature pressure diagram and temperature diagram PVC-U has very good properties in a temperature range of 0 ° C to 60 ° C. PVC-U has very good properties in a temperature range of 0 ° C to 60 ° C. At lower temperatures, the impact resistance clearly. At lower temperatures shall, the impact resistance clearly.

VDL Plastic Fittings are available in

  • Glued Plastic fittings from 10mm- 160mm
  • Glued Plastic Fittings to Threaded BSP Fittings
  • Tank Connectors
  • Pipe Clips and clamps
  • Ball Valves threaded and glued
  • Union Fittings


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