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Toro Mini 8


 Toro Mini 8

 Toro Mini  are Ideal for residential and commercial applications. Toro Mini 8 provides value and water efficiency when your landscape area is too large for sprays, but too small for a full-size rotor.


Top Arc Indication

Ensures easy adjustments from 40° to 360° with visual feedback of arc change by reading the scale.

Five Interchangeable Nozzles

To cover varying flow and radius requirements (comes pre-installed with a 1.5 nozzle).

Stainless Steel Radius Adjustment Screw

Allows up to 25% reduction.

Pressure Activated Seal

Minimises flow-by during pop-up and keeps debris away from stem during retraction.

Part And Full Circle In One

Offers convenience and reduces inventory requirements.


Toro Mini Performance


Radius 20′-35′ (6.1 – 10.7 m)
Flow 0.66 to 2.83 gpm (3 to 12.9 lpm)
Arc Full Circle; Part-circle Adjustable; Part/Full circle in One
Recommended Operating Pressure 30-50 PSI (2.1 – 3.4 BAR)
Inlet 1/2″ (1.3 cm)
Pop-Up Height 4″ (10.2 cm)
Body Height 6″ (15.2 cm)
Cap Diameter 2 1/4″ (5.7 cm)
Exposed Diameter 1 3/4″ (1.9 cm)




Five interchangeable nozzles (comes preinstalled with a 1.5 nozzle) to cover varying flow requirements

Stainless steel radius adjustment screw allows up to 25% reduction

Ratcheting riser for easy arc adjustment

1/2”’ inlet covers smaller radius requirements

Optional check valve holds back 8’ elevation change



Pressure activated seal and robust trip mechanism for enhanced reliability

Trajectory: 25º

 Two-Year Warranty

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