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Sports Pro Pipe

Sports Pro Pipe


Sports Pro Pipe

Sports Pro Pipe is a medium density polyethylene pipe that is used for conveying water at pressures above 4 bars.

It has been developed using the very latest raw materials and extruding techniques to offer the sports irrigation market and particularly the golf industry, a pipe with excellent installation and long term operational properties.

Using XS10B Total petrochemical granules which are of such quality standards that they have been tested for use not only in water but gaseous fuel installations – you would get more than just a wet fairway if one of these pipes fails!

The Pipe exceeds existing standards that are present in the sports industry giving all concerned, the consultant, the installer and the end user, the confidence to install SportsPro Irrigation Pipe for all occasions.

The Pipe is guaranteed against defects and failure for 10 years.

It is available in 10 and 12.5 bar configurations and although the standard lengths are 50m and 100m, Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Ltd prides itself on being able to offer a ‘bespoke’ service; we can offer a full range of specific lengths dependent upon your requirements. The length of coil limits are only the physical limitations of unwinding on site. It has an identification systems of four light green lines along the length of the pipe. No other pipe has this identification system. The pipe is designed to have maximum strength with minimum wall thickness; this of course achieves a higher dynamic performance for the pipe meaning longer run lengths or lower power inputs. Plus, its increased tensile strength and high resistance to scoring, makes Sportspro Irrigation Pipe more suitable to mole plough installation than PE80 pipes.

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