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Root Zone Watering System

Root Zone Watering System

For Healthier Trees and Shrubs, Get to the Root of Things

Encouraging roots to grow deep and remain below the surface is essential if trees and shrubs (especially new and young plantings) are to become healthy and strong. In order for this to occur, water, oxygen, and other vital nutrients must be able to reach their destination…the root systems, often surrounded by compacted soil that can restrict the flow of water. The RZWS Root Zone Watering System has been designed specifically to address this situation and provide healthy root growth both close to and deep below the surface. RZWS features Hunter’s patented StrataRoot design, which consists of a series of internal baffles that put the water right where it’s needed, while giving the irrigation cylinder rigidity that makes it easy to install.

Since its pre-assembled, you’ll save even more valuable time on installation. In addition, RZWS is versatile (can be used with drip or bubblers) and vandal resistant (the enclosed design features a grate that protects irrigation hardware).


Built in Hunter Swing Joint for direct installation to 1/2″ BSP Female Thread.

Patented StrataRoot baffles divert water to root zone while adding strength to the unit

Quick Specs

Reliable Hunter Bubbler available with a 0.946 l/min or 1.89 l/min flow. (Flow: 0.25 or 0.50 GPM)


Rough plastic mesh allows water, air, and nutrients to bypass dense soil and directly reach root systems.

StrataRoot delivers water to all levels of the tree or shrub’s root system, near the surface and deep down.

Rugged removable end cap allows easy serviceability of bubblers and check valves.


Size: 10”, 18”

10″: 2″ diameter x 10″ length

18″: 3″ diameter x 18″ length

Operating Specifications

Bubbler flow rates: 0.946 l/min or 1.89 l/min flow (0.25 or 0.50 GPM)

Recommended pressure range: 15 to 70 PSI ( 1Bar-4.5Bar)


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Keeps sandy soil out of the irrigation well.


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