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Rain Train

Rain Train

Rain Train

Rain Train 1865®

  • Follows the pattern you lay out of the hose
  • Rust-proof, cast iron body
  • Travels 200 ft
  • Two speed transmission with automatic shut-off
  • Adjustable spray arms

Max 13,500 sq ft

How This “Rain Train” (Tractor) Works This is the easiest way to water your Lawn!! We have a huge area to water, and it used to be a chore to move around several different sprinklers to reach all the areas of our yard. With the Rain Train we can water a very large area without ever having to relocate the sprinkler. The tractor goes around our lawn, riding on the hose, following the course we have laid out for it! It does all the work, not us! I mean, we can lay out the hose in a “S” shape, and the sprinkler will follow it. The hose can be up to 200 feet long, with the Rain Train at one end, and the shut-off ramp at the other. Water pressure propels the train forward. There are two large wheels in the back, with cleats that dig into the lawn and moves the system along. The front has two small wheels, and the hose sits between them. The shut off ramp can be laid out anywhere along the length of the hose, and when the sprinkler meets the ramp, the starter knob under the traveler is pushed in, turning off the sprinkler. Variables This watering train, (it looks more like a tractor to me), has a two speed transmission – low and high. It also has a neutral position for stationary watering. The sprinkler will 0-60 feet per hour, depending on the speed you select. It has adjustable spray arms, which water a radius of 15′-50′. The body is made of cast iron, the manufacturer says it is “rust resistant”, but our old sprinkler is indeed starting to rust a bit. It has a maximum of 13,500 square feet of coverage.

Tech Data
At 30 PSI 863Lph At 60 PSI 1226Lph
To connect your hosepipe to the rain train all you need is
1 x Geka Hosetail Coupling to the size of your Hosepipe
1 x Geka Male 3/4 Male BSP Coupling
1 x Jubille Clip
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