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Rain Bird HE-Van Nozzles

Rain Bird HE-Van Nozzles

Rain Bird HE Van Nozzles

The world’s first high efficiency variable arc nozzle

With full adjustability from 0˚ to 360˚, you’ll be able to efficiently water landscapes of all shapes, while saving time and stocking fewer nozzles

Rain Bird HE Van Nozzles achieve greater than a 70% average DULQ— more than a 40% improvement over existing variable arc nozzles in the market

Matched precipitation rates with Rain Bird® MPR and U-Series Nozzles


HE-VAN-8      Green

HE-VAN-10    Blue

HE-VAN-12    Brown

HE-VAN-15    Black



Pressure: 1 to 4.8 bars.

Efficiency Ratings

– HE VAN Nozzles deliver an average DULQ of 70%, more than a 40% improvement over typical variable arc spray nozzles.

– HE VAN Nozzles deliver a SC ≤ 1.6, which is 35% lower than the typical variable arc spray nozzle.

The Rain Bird® HE-VAN Nozzle is designed to help you do all of that and more. Combining the water savings of a high-efficiency spray nozzle with the convenience and versatility of a variable-arc nozzle, the HE-VAN is truly one-of-a-kind. And with a host of exciting
features, it can open up a world of new opportunities for growing your business.


The true key to saving water isn’t watering longer, it’s watering smarter. With uniform coverage throughout the spray pattern, HE-VAN Nozzles can raise water efficiency and shorten your watering run times. The result is a beautiful, water-efficient landscape

Save Water and Money

  • HE-VAN’s even coverage reduces run times by up to 35% while still maintaining a healthy lawn.
  • Just like changing to a low-flow shower head, homeowners can save water by upgrading to HE-VAN nozzles.

Superior Coverage

  • HE-VAN nozzles have a unique stream pattern, designed for superior coverage and wind resistance.
  • Other nozzles produce un-even edges and throw water past the stated radius. HE-VAN nozzles throw to the exact specified radius for the cleanest edge of any VAN on the market today.


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