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Rain Bird Eagle 751

Rain Bird Eagle 751

Now more than ever, performance matters

Make the most of every rotor with new Rapid-Adjust Technology featuring MemoryArc.™ Available on new Rain Bird Eagle 751 Golf Rotors, this innovative feature allows you to easily adjust watering on greens, fairways or roughs for unmatched versatility and precise control. Offering proven Rain Bird durability and distribution uniformity, these cost-efficient rotors are also backward-compatible with existing Rain Bird rotor cases. Doing more when it matters most. That’s The Intelligent Use of Water.™

Rain Bird Eagle 700 & Rain Bird Eagle 751 Specifications


Rain Bird Eagle 700 Series: 17.1 m to 24.1 m

Rain Bird Eagle 751 Series: 10.7 m to 22.9 m

Flow Rate

700 Series: 1.03 to 2.76 l/s  (3.70 to 9.95 m3/h)

751 Series: 0.44 to 2.38 l/s (1.59 to 8.56 m3/h)


700 Series: Full-circle 360°

751 Series: Full-circle 360°; Adjustable 30° to 345°


700E: Electric

700IC: Integrated Control

700S: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM)

700B: Seal-A-Matic™ device

Full- and Part-Circle

751E: Electric

751IC: Integrated Control

751S: Combined use Stopamatic (SAM)

751B: Seal-A-Matic™ device

Maximum Inlet Pressure

  • Models 700/751E and IC: 10.3 bars
  • Models 700/751S and B: 6.9 bars

Pressure Regulation Range

4.1 to 6.9 bars

Factory Pressure Settings

700E/IC and 751E/IC available in 4.8 bars


  • Body Height
    • Models E, IC, S: 30.5 cm
    • Models B: 24.5 cm
  • Pop-Up Height to Mid-Nozzle
    • Models E, IC, S, B: 6.6 cm
  • Top Diameter
    • Models E, IC, S: 15.9 cm
    • Models B: 10.8 cm

Rotation Time

700 Series: 360° in ≤ 180 seconds; 150 seconds nominally

751 Series: 180° in ≤ 90 seconds; 75 seconds nominally

Inlet Threads

Models E, IC, S: 3.2 cm ACME Female Threaded

Models B: 2.5 cm ACME Female Threaded


  • Block: 3.1 m of elevation
  • SAM: 4.6 m of elevation

Nozzle Trajectory


Maximum Stream Height

5.2 m


24 VAC solenoid power requirement: 0.41 amp inrush current (9.8 VA)

60 cycle: 0.25 amp holding current (6.0 VA)

50 cycle: 0.32 amp holding current (7.7 VA)

Surge Resistance

Up to 20KV standard on electric models

Top-Serviceable Rock Screen™ and Replaceable Valve Seat

On models 700E, IC, S and 751E, IC, S

Note: All data is generated from tests conducted in accordance with ASAE Standard S398.1 for at least 30 minutes in zero-wind conditions. Rain Bird recommends the use of SPACE for Windows,® equivalent program or derived performance data to optimize nozzle selection.


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