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K-Rain RPS Select Rotor

K-Rain RPS Select Rotor

K-Rain RPS Select Rotor

Enjoy installation convenience and matched precipitation without hassles


K-Rain RPS Select rotor sprinkler is the first gear-driven sprinkler that makes matched precipitation fast and easy, without the need for cumbersome changing of nozzles or sprinkler heads in the field.  The RPS Select offers a choice of 4 selectable nozzles built- in.  With a twist of a screwdriver, quickly select the correct nozzle flow to match the arc setting of the sprinkler, wet or dry.  No nozzles trees to carry or lose.  Fewer chances for errors.  Using a combination of the four nozzles, it’s easy to achieve matched precipitation across all arc settings.

Designed for Tank and Pump Operation

The four on-board nozzles make the RPS Select a convenient universal replacement sprinkler for other brands.

    • Four built-in selectable nozzles to match different arc settings (#1 – #4).
    • Adjustable arc (40° to 360°). All adjustments made from top – wet or dry. No special tools needed.
    • Balanced precipitation rates when nozzle setting matched to arc.
    • Precision-engineered nozzles for water saving efficiency.
    • Standard rubber cover
    • Proven water-lubricated gear-drive design common to RPS 75 Series.
    • Large dirty-water screen for compatibility with reclaimed and recycled water sources.
    • Internal assembly interchanges with Hunter® PGP® rotors.
    • Low-pressure operation.
    • Effluent/reclaimed identification cover available.
    • 5-year warranty.
    • Radius – 32’ – 36’ (9.8 – 11.0 m)
    • Flow rate – 1.2 – 6.1 GPM (4.5 – 23/1 l/m)
    • Recommended operating pressure – 25 – 75 PSI (3,4 bars)
    • Optimum nozzle performance – 50 PSI
    • Standard 4” pop-up for lawn areas
    • ¾” female threaded inlet
  • Optional drain check valve controls up to 10’ of elevation change

We have the complete range of K-Rain range of rotors, Spray Sprinklers, Solenoid valve and Controllers to choose from.


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