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K Rain Rotary Nozzle

K Rain Rotary Nozzle


 K Rain Rotary Nozzle

K-Rain is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of rotary sprinklers, sprays, irrigation system controllers, and electric valves for the commercial and residential markets.  K-Rain leads the market in easy-to-use innovations and water-efficient solutions for irrigation professionals.   With over 90 patents and 40 years of industry experience, our advanced design and engineering have made K-Rain irrigation products easy to install, set and use.

Rotary Nozzle-Adjustable Pattern

K Rain’s revolutionary multi-stream technology will maximize your sprinkler system’s efficiency while beautifying your lawn and landscape.

Multi-trajectory rotating streams provide superior uniformity.  Automatic matched precipitation even after arc & radius adjustment. Low application rate (4/10 inch per hour) reduces runoff on slopes & tight soils. Easy arc adjustment – Nozzle adjusts from 80° to 360°. Easy radius adjustment – up to 25%. Viscous dampened to ensure consistent application speed. Double-Pop to prevent dirt intrusion upon retraction. Easy adjustment, wet or dry, with our unique tool. Removable inlet filter for easy cleaning.

Rotary Nozzle Features

Adjustable from 80 to 360 degrees

Female Thread

Matched Precipitation – Across various radii and patterns

Low Precipitation Rate – Reduces run-off

Low Flow Rate – Less material, fewer zones

20% Radius Reduction – Patented flow control, no tools required!

Unique Speed Control – Maintains speed of rotation over varying pressure ranges

Flexible Usage – Any pattern can be combined in the same zone with matched precipitation

Larger Filter – Prolongs product life ad increases time between cleanings

System Flexibility – Can be installed on the same zone with rotors


Rotary Nozzle


RN200-ADJ Specifications:

Female Thread

Fully Adjustable

Precipitation Rate: .37 – .50 in/hr (9 -12 mm/hr)

Recommended Spacing: 17′ – 21′ (5.1 – 6.4 m)

Pressure Rating: 25 – 45 PSI (1.72 – 3.1 bars)



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