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Irrigation Timers

Irrigation Timers are used to control your Irrigation systems automatically via a battery or mains timer from a single tap timer or up to 48 stations controller dependant on the garden requirements.

There are tap timers which are battery operated timers and can run 1/ 2 water feeds.

Then there are Irrigation Controllers that can run on battery or mains power to work.

These can be from 2 zones to 48 zones dependant on your set up.

Smaller zones Irrigation systems can be mains fed and for larger systems a holding tank and pump are used.


Irrigation Timers

It is ideal for large gardens where individual areas need to be watered in sequence or where water pressure will limit the use of several sprinklers at once. This controller will work up to 4, 6, or 12 solenoid valves. This is basically 4,6, or 12 different water feeds going around your garden water different areas such as lawns, borders, hanging baskets, patio etc, because a standard outside tap produces around 12lts per minute on average with everything connected at once all the fitting may be requiring 48lts of water to work them efficiently so they will not spray or pop out of the ground so that’s why solenoid valves are used to split the water to each areas and water efficiently. This is done by using a 4,6 or 12  way manifold from your water supply where the solenoids are attached and the 4,6 or 12 water feeds are watering the required parts of the garden. Each zone can be on for different times from 1 min – 4 hrs. If the controller is set to come on at 5am it starts zone 1 for 3 minutes closes then starts zone 2 for 5 minutes and so on until the full cycle has run.

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