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Irrigation Systems

Manual Irrigation Systems

These systems are run off a tap supply and can create up to 24 zones. A average tap produces up to 15 lts per minute, so each device required for your garden is calculated on how much water it uses and then creates a zone.(eg. 2 sprinklers using 7lts per minute each would create 1 zone) and the remainder of the garden is calculated to see how many zones would be required.

Each calculated zone requires a water feed each and is run back to the manifold. The zones can be controlled manually by a ball valve or automatically with a solinoid fitted and the wired into the controller.


Automated Irrigation Systems

The larger gardens will require the water pressure to be higher than the mains supply. In these cases a water tank fed from the water mains is used to store the water and a special pump is used to generate the higher pressures required to cover the larger areas and distances involved.

You have a few option on how your water is supplied, either the ever changing climates and water bans serious thought should be applied.

  • Water mains supply
  • Recycling Rain Water
  • Recycling your Domestic Water (Gray)
  • Ground Supply (Bore holes, Streams, Wells)

Pumped irrigation systems get more done in one go. An area requiring six pop-ups could also require six solenoid valves to control the water, when supplied by a garden tap, sending the water to each pop-up in turn. Pumping water from a storage tank offers the increased capacity to operate all six pop-ups together, via a single solenoid valve. The greater water availability created by the pump significantly reduces the number of solenoid valves required to manage the water efficiently.spacer

The Storage tanks coma in all sizes and are generally green or black and when positioned are not noticeable.


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