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For a complete Irrigation Design Systems, extensions to your own system or just spare parts all under one roof.

We stock all garden pop-up sprinklers, rotor sprinklers and spray sprinklers, irrigation pipe, porous pipe often known as leaky pipe, tap timers, controllers, manifolds, solenoids, barbed fittings, drip irrigation, micro fittings, border sprays, hanging basket drippers, rain train and oscillating sprinklers.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Ltd” can offer you all irrigation products on a supply only or fully installed. If you require advice on what to do with what, solutions and advice are always available.


It is unlikely that you will achieve quite the exact levels of consistent and effective watering with traditional methods. They are after all, time-consuming and very wasteful. So choosing a manual or automatic sprinkler system will give you extra time, the knowledge of effective watering like clockwork (if automatic) and intense satisfaction of job well done.

Lawn Pop-Up Sprinklers..

A simple garden hose is a solution of sorts. A watering can is another. But how do you know how much water is being used by these traditional methods? As bad, is the time it takes to achieve it time you could be spending in the garden or with the family.

No unsightly pipes or hoses, the sprinklers are connected by underground pipe to your water source. The Pop- Up is situated under the ground and it relies on the water pressure for their operation and only lifts above the ground level whilst irrigating.

  • An electronic timer / controller will tell the system when and where to operate, while you are asleep as the water pressure is at its best and no sunlight which eliminates evaporation.
  • The Pop-up heads vary in type and size so they can be designed to suit any area to which they are being directed and can be fully adjustable from 0-360 degree dependant on the model.
  • When not operating the sprinkler heads they disappear into the ground, and cause no problems when lawn mowing. Or from curious children.


And such a garden will improve your property. Maintain and even increase its value. No matter what your projects require, our comprehensive product line delivers the solutions you need for successful project completion and ease of maintenance. From pressure compensating drip-line, drippers, emitter bugs, to the most sophisticated and accurate point source drippers on the market, we’ve got what you need.

All our supply only systems come with all instructions on how to install, just use our navigation to see what products are available to make your life easier. And purchase from our secure online shop.

Interested in an Irrigation Design

Not sure what you need? We offer free expert advice and a full Irrigation design service is available simply call 01384 423150.


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