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Hunter G70

Hunter G70

Hunter G70

With a wide range of performance to choose from, the Hunter G70 Series rotors are easy on the budget

Easy to adjust and maintain, Hunter’s G70 golf and large turf rotor is also the ideal choice for the customer on a budget. The B Series rotors provide all the standard features you want for mid-distance coverage including a time-tested gear drive, convenient through-the-top servicing, and a sturdy, impact-resistant flanged body. Plus Hunter’s precision-engineered PressurePort™ nozzling system reduces velocity and pressure to the secondary nozzles while increasing droplet size. The result is they deliver uniform distribution every time.

Hunter G70 Features

  • Full circle water lubricated gear-drive
  • Exclusive PressurePort™ technology delivers uniform and consistent coverage
  • Closed-case design helps prevent sticking riser and leaking seals
  • Flexible performance with 6 nozzles to choose from



  • Full circle


B = Block checks up to 10′ in elevation change


  • #15 to #28


  • 6 standard trajectory (25 degrees)


  • Discharge rate: 58.5lts/min to 127lts/min
  • Radius: 16.2mts to 22.9mts
  • Pressure range: 50 to 100 PSI (3.4 to 6.9 bars)
  • Pressure rating: 150 PSI


B Series Rotors are Yardage Marker Capable

All B Series rotors have a recessed area on the flange to accommodate installation of custom yardage markers.

B Series Color-Coded Nozzles

All G70B, G75B and G80B rotors have color-coded nozzles for easy identification and, the nozzle numbers approximate the flow in gallons per minute.


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