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Galconette 9001BT Bluetooth Tap Timer

Galconette 9001BT Bluetooth Tap Timer

Galconette 9001BT Bluetooth Tap Timer

Can be all controlled via your Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth

Tap Timer Features:

Program and manual operation of the controller from your Smartphone or Tablet with the use of the free App (Android and iOS)
No need to open the User Manual to figure which buttons to push…. the App is highly
intuitive and programming is super easy.
No need to open the Valve Box or search for the controller that is hidden in the plants to make program changes, it all can be done with the App.
The controllers communicate with your device using Bluetooth 4.0 and require ultra-low energy for communication, ranging from 5 to 30 meters (15 to 90 feet) away (depending on surroundings).
Manage one to many controller from a single app with the ability to name each controller, capture an image or upload from your Gallery

Tap Timer Spec:

Weather resistance, 3/4″ NH or BSP thread
Electric motor actuator
Pressure range 1-10 bar / 15-145 PSI
Flow rates 50-1200 liters/hour, 0.18-5.3 gal/min
Operated with one 9V alkaline battery
Weekly and cyclical programming (varies by model)
Easy to install and simple to use Works with one 9v battery
Watering time: one minute to 12 hours Up to four start time a day
Working Pressure from 1-10 Bar
3/4″ BSP Connections
Built in Filter

Galcon’s 9001BT controllers can be programmed for drip or sprinkler irrigation. The duration can be set from one minute up to twelve hours. The controllers allow for weekly programs and starting times can be up to four times a day. The controllers allow for electronic manual operation. Operating the controllers is simple with the manual operation button.Features include the option for rain-off suspension and an internal filter that is installed inside the controller. An indicator warns when the controller’s 9V alkaline battery runs low. The lifespan of the battery is up to one year.


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