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 Amiad Tagline Filter

Amiad Tagline Filter Series

Amiad Tagline Filter General
With their Screen and Disc elements Amiad TAGLINE filters are made for wide range of irrigation applications.

The Amiad filter are available in various filtration degrees to cover the needs of modern irrigation systems.

Amiad filter are made from high quality engineered plastic materials providing excellent mechanical strength,

durability and ease of installation.

Amiad TAGLINE filter are easy to maintain; no tools are needed for extracting the filter element from the filter housing for rinsing.

 Filter Elements

Covering a wide range of flow rates, various filtration degrees and a variety of irrigation applications, Amiad supplies two types of filter elements for its TAGLINE series:

Screen Elements:

(1) The screen elements are constructed of molded plastic ribs that support a stainless steel weave-wire or weaved nylon mesh for a

filtration range of 80 to 300 micron.

The direction of flow in the screen elements is from the inside out. Suspended solids accumulate on the inner side of the screen.

The screen can be easily extracted from the filter housing for manual rinsing.

The screen elements are designed for creating very low head loss, retention of organic substances and are especially suitable for

separating inorganic particles.

The screen cylinder incorporates two O-rings to ensure perfect sealing inside the filter housing


Disc Elements:


The disc elements are made to provide high retention of organic substances and are constructed from plastic discs that are stacked onto a telescopic core. The discs are grooved on both sides and intersect to form the filtration element when compressed on the telescopic core. The disc element incorporates two O-rings to ensure perfect sealing

inside the filter housing. The direction of flow in these elements is from the outside – in along the element, therefore the effective filtration area is comprised of both the outside surface and the channels formed by the intersected grooves. Suspended organic particles adhere to the grooved surface adding depth to the filtration process.

Cleaning the disc element is made simple by the unique design of the telescopic core which allows the discs to separate during the cleaning process while maintaining perfect sealing when the element is in the filter housing.

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