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Why Weathermatic SmartLine?

Most property owners are using excessive amounts of water to keep their landscape green and fresh costing them more money than needed. The largest commercial sites use sophisticated equipment, complex scientific instruments and detailed calculations to fine tune their irrigation systems to supply only the water needed.
Like these advanced commercial systems, the Weathermatic SmartLine controller takes key weather data & combines it with basic site and sprinkler system information to come within 5% of these irrigation management systems costing tens of thousands of dollars. SmartLine is like having a scientist in your garage constantly calculating the exact amount of water needed to irrigate your landscape thus saving you the money you lose from excessive watering.

It’s About Time

Timing is everything! A convergence of trends is driving a critical need for more efficient and effective water management. The time is now for the irrigation industry to move beyond conventional “timers” and “clocks” and into a smarter era powered by Weathermatic’s breakthrough in water management technology:

Weathermatic SmartLine makes it possible for the fundamentals of water management to work in harmony. Wise stewardship of precious water resources is not only possible, but simple, affordable, and truly automated. Now is the time for you to choose SmartLine and start saving time, water, and money.

It’s About Money

SmartLine controllers each represent the richest feature set in their respective class. By adding an SLW Series On-Site Weather Station, a SmartLine controller enters a class of its own. It has been said, “You buy the product only once, but you buy the water every month.” This fact alone is a great reason to invest in SmartLine. With no service provider dependence, no recurring maintenance, and no user fees, SmartLine pays dividends on your one-time investment every single month.

SmartLine controllers and SLW Series On-Site Weather Stations deliver an excellent ROI (Return On Investment) through a patented water saving process (U.S. Patent No. 6,314,340).

  Real Time : SmartLine calculates evapotranspiration (ET) in real time based on actual weather readings monitored 24 hours a day. It has been said, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a day because it will change.” This reality is ignored in satellite-dependent control systems with weather data transmission delays. SmartLine controllers are constantly in real time communication with the SLW Series On-Site Weather Station for immediate notification of a rain event.

On-Site : On-site is on target. No one would want their thermostat located in their neighbor’s house – much less across town. Likewise, the weather can vary significantly in any community, especially considering the vast array of microclimates in many areas. That’s why SmartLine SLW Series On-Site Weather Stations are located on the property being irrigated by a SmartLine controller. Another benefit to on-site control is being on-time. SmartLine controllers operate on the days and times input by the user. User-set watering days and times are always honored to combine weather based watering and compliance with local regulations.

Inputs by Zone: Conventional irrigation controllers accept a time based setting for each zone. While in some cases the traditional 20 or 30 minutes per zone may have some correlation with the watering needs of a property’s diverse plant life, this input can often result in over or under watering and be unhealthy for the landscape. Even more concerning, the input is static, so it cannot change with the varying needs of the plant life that are driven by changes in weather and seasonality. SmartLine controllers equipped with the SLW Series On-Site Weather Station can operate in Auto Adjust mode, which serves to replace time based watering schedules with weather based watering schedules. The weather based watering schedules are calculated for each zone using SmartLine’s simple Audit Based Control (ABC) inputs combined with input from the SLW Series On-Site Weather Station. Audit Based Control incorporates the following key inputs by zone to calculate zone run times:

Sprinkler Type – User inputs the type of sprinkler (SPRAY, ROTOR, DRIP, BUBBLER) or enters the precipitation rate of the zone (.2″ – 3.0″/hr).

Plant Type – User inputs the type of plant (WARM TURF, COOL TURF, SHRUBS, ANNUALS, TREES, NATIVE) or enters a crop factor for the zone (10 – 300%).

Soil Type – User inputs the soil type (CLAY, SAND, LOAM) and slope (1 – 25°) for the purpose of automatically establishing run/soak period to virtually eliminate runoff.

More/Less – User inputs a fine tune adjust for the zone (-50% to +25%) to accommodate unique zone elements like shade, wind, and sprinkler inefficiencies.


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