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subterranean irrigation system

subterranean irrigation system

Subterranean Irrigation System

This inline emitter tubing is ideal for irrigating any row vegetation, hedges, trees, shrubbery and ground cover. Its outstanding pressure compensation and flexibility makes it ideal for more intricate border areas without the need for additional barbed fittings. it is also particularly suitable for watering slope plantings. Unmatched clog-resistance for long term reliability. Light brown coloured tubing makes it practically invisible under mulch or on the ground. Patented pressure compensating dripper assures even distribution.

Subterranean Irrigation System Applications

On-surface and sub-surface installations of long lines

  • Areas subject to vandalism.
  • Recommended for on-surface & sub-surface projects following strict specifications.
  • Intersections, highways and traffic islands.
  • Slopes and high wind areas. At grade windows.Where sprinklers could cause a tripping hazard.
  • Turf and sports-turf, shrubs, trees,Tennis courts.

Subterranean Irrigation System Specifications 

  • Dripper flow rates:1.6 or 2.3L/h. Pressure-compensating range: 0.5-4.0 bars.
  • Maximum operation pressure:4 bar. Tubing Ø mm: O.D.16.0, I.D.14.0.
  • Recommended filtration: 120 mesh.

Subterranean Irrigation System Features and Advantages

  • UV resistant ,
  • Pressure-compensating.
  • Unique flow path,continuous self cleaning design resists clogging.
  • Self Flushing/cleaning, elastomer diaphragm.
  • Self contained one piece construction assures reliability, easy installation.
  • Flexible tubing adapts to any planting area shape.



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