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Rainbird STP 600i

Rainbird STP 600i










Rainbird STP 600i

RainBird STP 600i Plus Controllers are the easiest controllers in the irrigation industry to program and operate. In fact, the STP Plus controller is so easy to operate you won’t even need to read the instructions.


The Rainbird STP 600i Plus Controller is an indoor controller that has 4, 6 or 9 zone capability. The STP Plus Controller allows you to simply enter a custom irrigation schedule for each zone that matches the plants specific irrigation needs.


Simple to use “At-a-Glance” programming allows you to see all of the irrigation schedule information for each specific zone at the same time on the controller.  The STP Plus Controllers come with the following enhancements over the STPi Series:

•User adjustable intervals between 2nd, 3rd and 4th start times

•“Water all” button

•Power connection for Wireless Rain Sensors or Soil Moisture Sensors

•Redesigned user interface

•Backup battery now holds time and date for up to 7 days


■Independent zone control gives the flexibility to create individual, specific watering schedules for each zone.

■The STP Plus controller provides multiple start times per day (with user selectable offsets) on an individual zone basis.

■The Adjust Water feature allows the increase or decrease of irrigation run times for all zones quickly.

■In the event of a prolonged rain, the irrigation schedule can be delayed up to 72 hours using the controller’s Rain Delay feature.

■The Water All and Water Zone buttons manually water all zones or a specific zone without impacting any zone’s previously set schedule.

■To help manage water restrictions, the controller can be set up to only water on specific days of the week or “odd or even” days.

■The irrigation schedule is saved in the controller’s non-volatile memory in case there is a power outage. Date and time are stored with an internal lithium battery for up to seven days.

■Extra 24 volt terminals are available on the terminal strip to allow attachment of a Wireless Rain Sensor (not included) or other powered accessories.


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