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Rain Amico

Rain Amico

Rain Amico

This new tap timer from Rain Spa is an easy to use user friendly tap timer.

With an illuminated back-lit panel and clear and simple setting.

Number of ports: 1
– Batteries: 2 x 1,5 volts AA
– Backlighted LCD allows night vision
– Removable electronic part
– Inlet thread ¾” & 1”female
– Outlet thread ¾” male
– Body material: ABS
– Protection cover
– Max Pressure 6
– Max Flow 40 l/min
– The controller requires two AA alkaline batteries
– Run time min 1 min max 240 min
– Frequency from 1 start time every 15 days up to 4 daily
– Diaphragm eletric valve

Also available in a Double port enabling 2 zones to be watered.

The Electronic Tap Timer is a very affordable, battery-operated, weather-resistant controller for control of hose-end irrigation applications. It is standard with a built-in valve and connects directly to an outdoor water tap or filter.

Battery operated controllers are a great solution for remote areas without accessible electricity, municipal parks, and construction sites. Battery operated irrigation timers are also a great option to continue watering while making repairs to existing AC-powered sprinkler systems. Our selection of battery operated timers includes models for both residential and commercial use, and for sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

Automate your hose-end sprinklers, drip irrigation system or soaker hose for better scheduling consistency with this easy-to-use digital Tap Timers. Along with rugged dependability for season-long outdoor use, these professional grade controllers offers sophisticated functions for worry-free watering convenience.


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