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Hunter Dual Decoder

Hunter Dual Decoder











Hunter Dual Decoder

With all the intelligent features of I-Core, upgrading to Hunter Dual Decoder  just means you’re doing the best job even faster. Now the intuitive I-Core, the controller of

choice for mid-range commercial projects, can be converted to two-wire capability with a Dual module. You’ll see savings in labor, maintenance,

troubleshooting, and wire, all while enjoying I-Core’s state of the art features and benefits, including real-time flow monitoring, quick access to a whole

system overview, a factory-installed SmartPort language capability, and a bold, graphic display.

And with the familiar programming of a Hunter controller, installing that first two-wire system is no problem for both you and the client. Just as Hunter

pioneered the successful technology of modular controllers for the industry, they are bringing the groundbreaking two-wire decoder innovation to

irrigation professionals for all sizes of systems.

Hunter Dual Decoder come in one and two-station versions. Aptly named Dual-1 and Dual-2, the decoder choices ensure any I-Core Dual system is

customizable to the needs of any installation.


Why run 50 wires when you only need two?

Hunter Dual Decoder 48M I-Core Module

 The module is what makes it Dual. Simply install the DUAL48M module to any I-Core, and your controller is now two-wire

ready. With a capacity of up to 48 stations, I-Core Dual is able to be customized for any size job. And with the flexibility of two-wire technology, it’s a snap to expand

the number of stations of a pre-existing system without additional wiring.

Jacketed IDWIRE

Hunter’s color-coded, twisted pair IDWIRE is jacketed for easily-installed direct burial wiring that resists surges and electrical noise, while providing high

tensile strength for permanent in-ground installation. And with only one line to run from I-Core, materials costs are reduced.

Simple, Reliable Decoders

Hunter’s all-new Dual decoders are waterproof, color-coded, and field programmable. They keep the power in decoders but take the mystery out.

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